About Us

Since our childhood we traveled a lot around Russia. We never cease to discover our country and keep on falling in love with it again and again. We love Russia in any weather and we are sure that there is something interesting in each corner. We want to show to our travelers not only culture and sights, but we want them to discover smth special and finally understand the Russian Soul.


Tatiana Teplova
“I’m ready to share my Russian soul!”
Tatiana Teplova, Co-founder

Tatiana was born in Moscow and lives here all her life. She is an excellent organizer and event-manager. She can organize everything and everybody. Everything turns out perfectly. She worked in travel industry for 5 years, she reached many destinations in Russia and other countries, she knows what travelers really need. She specializes in Golden Ring, Sochi, Altai, Baikal and Moscow. Also she coordinates camp-tours, special fishing and hunting trips.

Natalia Romanova
“A journey is like a present. And you are becoming richer buying it”
Natalia Romanova, Co-founder

A girl with famous tsar’s surname was born in Volgograd. She is very creative person with an extraordinary sense of humor. Natasha lives in the center of Moscow for many years. She has been working on Russian TV more than 10 years. She can write interesting texts and makes cool movies. Her stories about her trips are amazing. She likes to explore different routes and create new itineraries. She is our GURU in the Caucasus, South of Russia, St. Petersburg and Moscow of course. Natasha also creates our activities and master-classes.

A Story of Tatiana, Co-founder

My father was a musician, he worked with Russian folklore. He went to numerous expeditions in our country in search of old suits, utensils, musical instruments, but the most important thing  for him  were: national songs, dances, games. He had created his own musical ensemble.

In The end of the 80s the folklore was not so necessary in Russia, but many people in the West were already interested in Russian culture. My father gave concerts in the USA and Europe. Sometimes he  took me as an assistant. In spite of the fact that I was still a child, I was really surprised how many people came to concerts, what genuine interest they showed to everything  Russian, and how people wanted to learn more about us and our country. But all of them asked the same questions: "how do you live there? do bears really walk the streets?. Is it really dangerous in Russia? Do you eat borsch every day? Do you still trust in communism?" etc.

That time I found out that there were millions of people who want to understand Russia, but many prejudices and lack of information disturb them. the 90s and 00s have passed and our country  has changed.  We  began to travel, meet foreigners, make friends, explore. But the questions that we hear are the same  that were 20 years ago.  And this genuine interest is also remained. It has pushed me to the idea to create trips in Russia. And I was not alone in my ideas at all. Natalya also joined our project. There is a 10-years friendship between us, we have common life views. Natalia  also has a huge desire to help people fall in love with Russia.  We both would like to give an opportunity to a first time traveler to resolve all his questions and stereotypes about our country himself. So we decided to to fill our travels not only with regular excursions and standard activities, but with interesting master classes, unusual experience accompanied by locals.

Trips We Make

Group Tour. Small international groups accompanied with a guide (local inhabitant). Communication is held in english that will help travellers from different countries to communicate with each other. All programs are developed especifically for a season, have accurate dates, fixed total cost, accommodation, transfer, excursions and different activities. For more information please visit Our Trips.

Individual Tour. The route and program are developed especially under yours interests and wishes. We are ready to realize any your wish and offer something from ourselves. We work with all interesting regions, we know authentic hotels and unusual places, we like to experiment and realize the most ambitious plans! And of course our guides speak your language. If you want to travel with friends or alone - just fill the request. 

Our Group Leaders

They are a local, active, funny and know a lot about Moscow. Their main goal is to immerse you in the life of Russia and Moscow.

Nadya Samsonova
“ When I first came to Saint Petersburg, I felt a great desire to live here. And a few months later I moved to this incredible city. I am sure Saint Petersburg has a real magic, which is able to change our lives. Come and feel it. And don’t be afraid of gloomy weather, it definitely emphasizes the unique beauty of the city.”
Nadya Samsonova, Tour Guide

This person is your trip coordinator who will accompany all the walks, giving all the necessary information and answering any of your questions. They know everything about the route, all the interesting and iconic locations, the specifics of the national cuisine and local flavor.


Being an active travelers we also pay attention to safety. And we know how is important to be confident in the company which is organizing the trip.

Our company has an official registration at Russian tour operators register (МВТ 016293), which gives us the right to be engaged in the organization of entrance (incoming) tourism, to arrange visa invitations, to organize transfer and accommodation. Our responsibility is insured and we guarantee accomplishment of all liabilities from our part. We work absolutely officially and clear.