Travel to Elbrus Mountain

Take your height and feel the spirit of freedom.

It is said in Russia - there is one thing that is better than mountains.  And it's mountains that we haven't climbed. Yes, the Caucasus mountains are impressive and respectful. In this trip we offer trekking enthusiasts to get acquainted with unique area at the foot of mount Elbrus - the highest mountain peak in Russia and Europe. 

There are few tourists and no hotels, cable ways or cafes in the north of the Elbrus Region. During our tour you will stay in the fixed camp with café, outdoor shower and WC.  After the tour around the north of the Elbrus region you will go to the south where you will see “civilized” cable ways, multiple restaurants, cozy hotels and entertainment. 

from 1900 €
14 days

What will you do:

Experience full beauty of the highest mountain in Europe, snow fields, mountain lakes, waterfalls, mineral water springs, peace, unusual landscape and  unpolluted nature.

Trek secret trails of Elbrus area from North to South
Meet the life of the highlanders
Have a jeep tour with guide to the North of the Elbrus Region
Feel the hospitability of Caucasus
See the real life of Caucasian shepherds
Visit Kislovodsk and try main Mineral Water Baths

What Is Included?

Visa support (invitation)
Guide walking tour in Moscow
Tickets to Moscow Highlights
Accommodation (in Moscow and Elbrus area)
English speaking mountain guide services
All transport including flights between cities
National park “Prielbrusie” entrance fee
Group equipment lease
Tickets to cable car on Cheget and Elbrus Mounts
Meals according to the program
Jeep trip between North and South of Elbrus area
Our recommendations

Create your tailor-made trip

If you are interested in adventures on Elbrus but you would like to correct the itinerary up to you, send us a request. We could help you to increase the days of your state  in Caucasus,  add Moscow or a  couple of days in Saint Petersburg.  We will offer you a tailor-made program with interesting highlights and authentic activities. 

View The Full Itinerary

Moscow plus Mont Elbrus

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7
Day 8
Day 9
Day 10
Day 11
Day 12
Day 13
Day 14


Moscow. Arrive at any time
No scheduled trips. Free time

Day in Moscow

Your point of destination is Elbrus. But we offer you to visit Moscow and to take a quick glance at it. You will visit the Kremlin and stroll The Red Square, maybe you will be lucky enough to see Lenin if it will be reception hours in the Mausoleum. Enjoy magnificent views of the towers of the Kremlin, GUM, the Historical Museum and St. Basil's Cathedral. Pass through Tverskoy and Nikitsky boulevards, drive along the Arbat square; By the way Moscow is standing on the 7 Hills and you will see ‘em all. So let it be warm-up before the real Mountains.

Meals included: breakfast

Free time according our recommendations

Mineralnye Vody-Kislovodsk

Transfer to the airport. Arrival to the International Mineralnye Vody Airport. Group transfer to Kislovodsk.. Meeting with the guide and walking tour around the famous Kislovodsk Park. First you will go up the cable way to see the magnificent view of Elbrus from the viewpoint at 1350 meters height. Then you will go down through the Park, past the Mirror pound and chiming Olkhovka river with “Lady’s whim” bridge. You will have an opportunity to taste three types of Kislovodsk mineral springs in the Main Drinking Gallery and we will finish our tour at the Main Mineral Water Baths.

(Stroll -4 hours, overall walking part is about 5 hours, altitude shift – 560 meters)

Hotel accommodations

Meals included: breakfast

Free time according our recommendations

Bermamyt plateau

Breakfast, checking out from the hotel. Get ready for a jeep tour with guide to the north of the Elbrus Region. You will visit Bermamyt plateau (2600 m), the highest point of Rocky ridge. This is confirmed by the height of Low Bermamyt mountain (2642 meters above sea level). From this point you will see splendid view of Elbrus, which is only 20 kilometers away. You will be astounded by the splendor of unspoilt nature and eagles and vultures flying by in the endless sky. Lunch to go, hot tea. In the evening you will arrive to the base camp in the Emanuel Glade (2500 m). Supper. Travelers will stay in fixed camping tents, two in each tent. Tents equipped with trestle-beds, ground pads, sleeping bags with cotton bedding, table, bedside chest, electric light. On the secure territory of the camp you will find outdoor shower, WC, café.

(Ride – 6 hours, altitude shift – 1700 meters)

Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner

Free time according our recommendations

Dzhily-Su springs

After brunch our experienced guide will take you to magnificent waterfalls Sultan and Karakyan-Su, you also will taste white Narzan, mineral water of Dzhily-Su springs. You will even have an opportunity to take a Narzan bath.

These springs are located on the north slope of Elbrus at 2380 meters height on the bank of Malka river.  Mineral baths of Dzhily-Su were used for centuries to energize the body and calm the mind, stimulate blood circulation and heart activity. Lunch to go. Return to base camp, spare time. Dinner.(Trip time is 4 hours, about 4 kilometers, altitude shift is 100 meters).

Free time according our recommendations

Stone mushrooms

DAY 6. 

Today you will take a training trip to the amazing rock formation, “Stone mushrooms” (2800 m). Their height is 2-3 meters in average. However you can see pillars that go up to 5 meters. They look as mysterious and impressive as famous British Stonehenge. In fact these mushrooms are ash formation processed by wind.You will go through former German runway, with moon-like landscape around. This trip will take 5-6 hours, lunch to go. Return to the base camp, spare time. Dinner. (5-6 hours trip, altitude shift 750 meters).


Teply stan

This day you will climb to the mountain shelter “Teply stan” (3800 m). It has below zero temperature even in summer at the height of 3800 meters above the sea level. North part is a vast plateau that goes as far as dozens of kilometers. Wild canyons of Malka can be compared with Rocky Mountains of North America. This will not be an easy trip, although thanks to the experience of the guide and elaborate stops plan, you will successfully make it to the top and enjoy your hot lunch in the shelter. Dinner. (5-6 hours trip, altitude shift is 1300 meters).

Emmauel Glade camp

Descend to the Emmauel Glade camp, lunch. Spare time. Packing. Transfer to Kislovodsk, checking in the hotel, dinner. (4-5 hours trip, altitude shift is 1300 meters).

Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner

Baksan gorge

 Jeep transfer to the south Elbrus region. Taking a look at the beauty of surrounding landscape you will continue to your destination, Baksan gorge. Ahead you will find only purest mountain air and calm of pine forest. Lunch to go. At the evening you check in the three star hotel, free time. Hotel is located on the height of 2200 meters above the sea level. Dinner at the hotel on your own. (70 kilometers trip).

Meals included: breakfast, lunch

South part of the tour. Cheget mountain

After breakfast you will go through a briefing on the itinerary. If necessary, you can rent the required equipment. You will go to Cheget mountain (3600 metres). Having been lifted by funicular to the Ai viewpoint (2700 meters) you will continue your journey by foot (to 3000 meters height). You will observe stunning views of Elbrus and other peaks of Grand Caucasus from sky decks. Lunch in a café. Free time. Descending to Cheget clearance. A big market with souvenirs is located here. You will be able to purchase something to remember this unforgettable trip. Arrival to the hotel. Rest. Dinner. Spare time. (5 hours trip, distance covered – 3 kilometers, altitude shift – 900 meters).

Meals included: breakfast, lunch


Trekking to Observatory (3000m  ASL) via Maiden's Braids waterfall. This route takes 6 hours. It starts at the foot of Terskol peak in the same-named village and winds up to the waterfall. Along the way you will see high-altitude zones - as you go higher you will notice how landscape and flora changes. You start you trip in forest and ascent to alpine meadows. The unique features of the route are so-called bazalt Pencils. At the end of the route you will enjoy the waterfall that consists of hundreds of streams. Lunch box. Return to the hotel. Rest. 

Meals included: breakfast, lunch

Adyr-su gorge

After breakfast transfer will take you to Adyr-su gorge for a light trekking. This gorge doesn’t have direct entrance. Thin path leads to special elevator from the highway, where the cars are lifted, passengers go by stairs. This inaccessibility prevents from excessive crowd and occasional visitors. It helped preserve the wildlife here untouched. Here one can go down from alpine meadows to the forest where mountain goats and bears roam through the thick of the bushes. Forest grows thinner as you go up, it becomes alpine meadow and then snow caps, glaciers and steep rocks.

Here you may pick some berries and mushrooms. Lunch to go. shift 2000 meters).

Meals included: breakfast, lunch


Transfer will take you to Azau glade. You’ll go up the cableway to the station Gara-Bashi (3750 m.). Trek up to the Priyut 11 station or higher according to physical abilities of the group. In case you need some additional equipment on this stage you can always rent it. For additional payment you can use snowcat. Lunch to go. This is considerable height that requires your best attention and following all the guide’s instructions. Way up takes 4-5 hours. Return to the hotel. Dinner. (5 hours trip, distance 4 kilometers, altitude shift 2000 meters).

Meals included: breakfast, lunch

Back to home

Breakfast. Group transfer to the airport Mineralnye Vody, departure. An individual transfer can be arranged