Golden domes, gastronomic mecca, and provincial charm.

Suzdal is the Heart of the Golden Ring, the place where the most “Russian” things are – the mighty walls of the Kremlin, the fascinating wooden architecture, and Russian Orthodox bell ringing. Take a nice walk, eat some delicious food, spend your free time with purpose, and feel the spirit of time – you can do it all in Suzdal! So, don’t wait and come with us!

2 days

What will you do:

Suzdal is a perfect getaway from the fuss. Muscovites love this town and visit it on weekends. We suggest spending 2 days here the way we do it – walking, exploring, tasting food, and relaxing! You will:

Drive 200 km along Russian roads and see wonderful landscapes.
Visit the Museum of Wooden Architecture and see how Russian peasants used to live many centuries ago.
Listen to the famous Suzdal bell ringing.
Visit the Dymov Ceramics Factory’s shop and get yourself a souvenir.
Try to count all the domes in the town.
Dine at the most popular restaurants that serve delicious Russian cuisine.

What Is Included?

Visa support (invitation)
Mead tasting
Local farm visiting
Steak master-class
Guide walk in Suzdal
All tickets
Accommodation (1 night)

Suzdal is close!

These wonderful two days can be a cool addition to any of our trips or to your independent journey! Suzdal is located very close; that’s why, if you’re planning a trip to Moscow, we recommend visiting this city anyway! Contact us and we will take care of everything!

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Tour Schedule

Day 1
Day 2


We depart from Moscow by car in the morning. We will drive for 200 km along the Gorkovskoye shosse, one of the main Russian roads. The landscape will be constantly changing, from urban to rural, from forests to hills. Traveling is always unpredictable, but it will take us approximately 3.5 hours to get to Suzdal. And that’s not long! You’re in Russia, after all!

Upon arriving in Suzdal, we will check in at the hotel (or simply leave our luggage there, depending on the time of our arrival), have a second breakfast in a nice café called Gnezdo Pekarya (Baker’s Nest), and get ready to explore the town. We will be picked up by a professional guide who will give us a sightseeing tour around Suzdal, tell us about its history, show us the best places for taking pictures, visit the Kremlin with us, and overall, will do everything to help us get a complete immersion into the local culture. At the end of our walking tour, we will taste mead – the authentic Russian drink. This is a very interesting experience and an activity you can’t miss when visiting this town.

In the evening, we’ll visit local souvenir shops, dine at the best restaurant of Suzdal, and try typical meals and drinks.

There’s an additional activity for the bravest ones – Russian bathhouse!


In the morning, we will go to the Museum of Wooden Architecture. Everyone will have time to independently study the open-air ensemble of typical Russian buildings. You will see churches, huts, windmills, and more.

After that, we’ll get into the car and head to Moscow. However, there’s another place on our way that we must visit! It’s a farm that belongs to John Kopiski, an Englishman who moved to Russia many years ago and founded his “estate” where to this day he makes wonderful cheese, produces meat, and grows vegetables. That’s where we will spend some time cooking steaks from local meat under the guidance of the chef and then eat them all!

Happy and amazed, we will get back to the road to Moscow! 2 hours on the road can be used to sleep and have some rest or enjoy the view from the car window.

Depending on the season, we can replace the car drive with an alternative option – a high-speed train or a taxi.