St. Petersburg Vs Moscow Vs Suzdal

Be modern. Be authentic. Be bright.

Shiny and busy Moscow, bourgeois and European St. Petersburg and so authentic Suzdal. Feel these places like local. Like we do.

From 950 €
9 days

What  will you do?

You will get a new experience, explore new places and find something special. Be sure! 

Enjoy the sights of several Stalin’s skyscrapers
Press that sinister “red button” in the Bunker
Explore 3 cities at once
Learn how to drink vodka
Taste the real typical local food on the market
See the local farm

What Is Included?

Visa support (invitation)
Accommodation (8 nights in 4* Hotel)
5 guide walks (St. Pete, Moscow, Suzdal)
Roof experience
Vodka museum with tasting
Boat trip on Neva river
Excursion to Bunker
foody trip on Danilovskyi market
Moscow metro experience
Mead degustation
Visiting local farm
Trip to Suzdal


We’ll customize this trip!

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9 Days, 3 cities.

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Welcome to St. Petersburg!

Arrive at any time! We are waiting you and ready to transfer to the hotel.

Getting acquainted with St. Petersburg

Drive and drive, then run over the main S-Pete sightseeing places with our local guide-expert Nadya. We would see – the main city street – Nevskiy prospect, Palace Square, Issakiy Temple, Church of the Savior on Blood and many other attractions during our introduction stroll over the city.
As an additional activity, we offer you a trip over the city roofs! We would walk “over the skies” and observe city beauties from the birds-eye’s perspectives, will shot breathtaking pictures and listen to the story about the most famous buildings of Nevskiy prospect!

Included activity – Vodka museum with degustation set. We will be advised you about the history of the drink invention, try to drink it like Russians do, will compare different Vodka tastes and offer you routine snacks.

At night we will enjoy the drawbridges event.

Recommended list of bars and restaurants

Meals Included – breakfast

Exploring the other side of the city

We will see another attractive part of the city – Petropavlovsk Fort and the Cabinet of curiosities – the museum of astonishing and abnormal anatomic phenomena and other kinds of rarities.
Later on a river-taxi drive along the famous S-Pete channels enriched with intriguing details about city monuments, buildings and palaces and also it’s thrilling history.

In the evening – a joyful time at the recommended pubs or restaurants.

Meals included: breakfast

St. Petersburg- Moscow. Getting to Soviet Time

By high-speed train “Sapsan”, we travel from the northern capital - S-Pete- to the traditional one - Moscow. As an unusual introduction to the capital’s history, we offer you a visit to the Stalin’s underground bunker – a mysterious object, 65 meters below the surface, with the atmosphere of the nuclear safety shelters constructed in the fifties of the 20th century around the world. Our way to that gloomy place will be via the most beautiful and famous historical Moscow Metro stations.

In the evening –  our recommendations

Meals included: breakfast

The heart of Moscow. Kremlin and Red Square

We will have a special excursion With a professional guide, who will show us the heart of the fort. We will know about its’ foundation history, construction and functioning as a symbol of Russia.

Included activity - a gastro-trip to the most popular Moscow food-market Danilovsky. You will try the taste of the traditional Russian food and products: pickled cabbage, salted cucumbers, cakes, cheese, sausages, pel’meny and many other. We promise you unforgettable impressions and memories of Russian cuisine and the idea about the glam Russian food-market.

Meals included: breakfast

Getting acquainted with all Moscow. Sightseeing tour

We will drive in the car over the city and get acquainted with the main city sights. We will make stops at the most outstanding and well-known places. Within several hours you will have a chance to compare different cities views and styles: Vorobiyevy Gori, Moscow City Center, Novodevichy Convent, main city street – Tverskaya, Boulevard Ring, Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, The Bolshoy Theater and many other picturesque places of interest. Be prepared for a very meaningful, fast-moving, intensive journey!

Optional activity– a trip to the main bath of the city – famous Sanduny.

Meals included: breakfast

Moscow-Suzdal. Authentic trip by car

We make a trip to Suzdal’. On the way to the town, we will drop you at the famous firm of John Kopisky –quite a unique for Russia place managed by outstanding owners. You will learn about the reasons why the native British citizen settled in Russia, his methods of dairy and meat production; you will have an opportunity to taste local cheese and sausages, enjoy surrounding views and valleys and proceed with our trip further on. Not far from Suzdal we will be accommodated in a fairy-tale hut of the old Russian personage - Baba-Yaga, and later on an adventure of sightseeing of most ancient Russian town is proposed for you. Our local guide will be glad to share her own admiration by the local Kremlin, Temples and churches with you.
Included activity – Mead degustation – a traditional Russian soft alcohol drink made of honey and spices. For those who choose Healthy Life Style – alcohol-free version is prepared. In the evening -  Dinner in the most famous Suzdal restaurant with a generous offer of the Russian cuisine.

Optional  activity – authentic Russian banya.

Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner

Suzdal – Bodolyubovo-Moscow.

A trip to a small ancient village Bogolyubovo, not far from Suzdal’, where we will enjoy a stroll over its’ popular Bogolyubovo meadow, explore it’s Convent with ancient bell towers, cathedrals and the world-famous miracle - the Church of the Intercession on the Nerl – a glorious ancient architectural pearl on the marvelous bank of the river. We will make memory shots, enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and return to Moscow.

Meals included: breakfast, lunch

Free time and our recommendations

Departure day

Good buy, Moscow! Transfer at any time!